What our clients say

Dr. Krzysztof Celuch

Warsaw School of Tourism and Leisure

“I believe there is an urgent need to prove the value of meetings and events and in my experience the ROI Methodology is a well proven and very thorough framework. Not only for measuring results, but also as a planning tool. I found the ROI course very useful and recommend it to anyone who is serious about making their events more cost effective and proving the results. It’s worth investing your time and listen to Elling Hamso.”

Jade Penfold

Cisco, UK (now with George P. Johnson, UK)

The ROI Methodology is a very powerful, yet simple and straight forward approach to setting event objectives and measuring results. The training course followed by personal coaching is brilliant, Elling will hold your hand until it’s done.”

Rod Lee

FMI Group, United Kingdom

“The beauty of the Event ROI is that it is a simple and straightforward planning and evaluation process. It will produce clear outputs in terms of delegate learning and the essential changes that will take place in their behaviour as a result. The Event ROI training course is an excellent guide to all aspects of meetings and events design and evaluation and it clearly demonstrates that the success of the event can be identified long before the ultimate financial ROI is achieved. I left the course in excited anticipation of putting the process into practice, knowing full well that my time away from the office had been very well spent indeed.” Rod Lee, Development Director, FMI Group, United Kingdom

Francesca Pezzutto, Founder & Managing Director

http://pro-meet.it/, Italy

"Proving the Value of Meetings and Events’ is not just another theoretical course. It will change your mindset and the way you approach the task of event planning and measurement. It was also a very effective ‘slow learning’ experience, giving participants good time to think and discuss and relating what we learned to our own events through practical exercises. If you want to be a really effective meeting planner, maximising value and minimising costs, you won’t succeed without this training. Now I shall start practicing, knowing that Elling will be available to answer all my questions and make sure that I will be able to turn future meetings into more value for my clients. In a few months we shall meet again for a day, sharing experiences with other participants and receive more knowledge and inspiration to practice good meeting design and measurement."