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Pyramide neuThe Event ROI Methodology – Whitepaper

Most events could probably deliver twice the value on the same budget. Event planners typically know their planning and execution processes of event logistics inside out but it still challenges them to start at the beginning, and figure out the role meetings and events play in their company’s strategy.

Pyramide neuProving the value of Industry Trade Shows – A Symantec Case Study

Exhibitions at industry trade shows offer companies great opportunities to demonstrate Thought Leadership in their core competencies, to collect leads with a potential business impact, to compare competitive products or to influence positive press coverage. But does this provide enough value for event planners to justify the costs? Learn how to prove the value of meetings and events in this case study from Symantec ́s participation at Mobile World Congress 2015.

UnbenanntHow to Measure ROI of Trade Fair Technology

Trade show technology may improve the quality of visitors or the visitor experience before, during and after the show, to the benefit of the main stakeholder, the exhibitor. But the technology comes with a cost and the added benefit to the exhibitor must be greater than the cost.

roi 7 steps to ROI

Initially published in Contact Magazine’s 7-steps series. How to design events for high ROI and measure the results

Pyramide neuWhat is so easy about ROI?

ROI is nothing more than the difference between the cost of your event and the money that it generates.

Pyramide neuROI is History

Measuring results after the event is too late when the economy is down and budgets tight. The ROI Methodology will help to secure event budgets in hard times.

Home_final_4It’s all in the presentation

7 simple steps how to make really effective presentations the order of the day.Get to know why Pictures are louder and how to create Stakeholder Value, in order to become a better speaker.

Pyramide neuROI Metodology – more than calculation

ROI Methodology is not always used to calculate ROI, much of the time it is used for… designing high effective events. Short explanation why ROI Methodology may be also an event planning methodology.

WAbout-Ushy Everything will Change

Why do we attend meetings? How generation Y perceives it? And, finally, are face-to-face meetings better or will they be replaced by technology?

meetingarchitecturemanifestoThe Meeting Architecture Manifesto

What the authors of Meeting Architecture project believe in.